What is responsive web site?

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Responsive web site is a technique used to create web sites or web applications that respond to different screen or browser dimensions. For some screen widths there are special parts of styles that adjust to web design. If you visit a web page using PC or laptop, you will see differently optimized web site than the one you see when using tablet or smart phone. There a many advantages of responsive web site for present time and future. However, it needs to be pointed out that responsive web site is not the best solution for every project.

What are the advantages of responsive web site?

Responsive web site enables web programmers to develop the site which is the same content wise, but visually adaptive for specific screen or device format.

The old way of optimizing for mobile devices consisted of two components: sub domain for mobile version and script that detected the kind of devices being used to access internet. Maybe you have noticed that some web sites redirect you to mobile version in sub domain when you access it using tablet or smart phone. This technique has significant disadvantages in maintaining the web site. It needs constant updating and maintenance of two separate web pages.

Programmers can decide which parts of web pages will not be shown on smart phones in order to speed up the uploading time and lower the cost of mobile internet.

Are there any disadvantages of responsive web design?

Yes. More time, effort and testing is needed in creating responsive web sites. You can expect design costs to be 25% to 50% higher.

Companies whose services and products on web sites have lower percentage of visits via mobile devices may not want to invest additional resources in this type of marketing.

But for all the others who can measure the percentage of access to their web site from mobile devices, it can be worth wile investment.

The effect of responsive web pages on Search Engine Optimization

Besides the layout adjusted to all device and screen dimensions, there are few hidden advantages regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some articles even suggest that Google can lower the ranking for those sites that are not adjustable. Google even suggests web developers and designers to implement responsive web sites.

Is it worth upgrading current web page into responsive?

It depends. As we have already mentioned, responsive web design is not for all. In some cases the obstacles will be minor. In some other, they will be too high. We recommend you to contact us so we can analyse you current web site and give you some guidelines.

Can I see an example of responsive web site?

Certainly. Right here. In March 2013 we redesigned our web page to make it responsive. Try to minimize your browse window and you will see a responsive web site in action. You can also visit our web using tablet or smart phone so you can see how it automatically adjusts to the screen width.

web in google glass

Web in Google Glass

Web in Google Glass

Google Glass browser: HTML5 and responsive web - surfing with the corner of your eye.

web site prices

Web site pries

How much web site costs?

Since every project is different, it is difficult to determine the price of web site in advance. Please contact us and get your free qoute.

responsive web site

Responsive web sites

Responsive web sites

Design and development of websites that adapt to all screens.