Web site prices

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Since every project is different, it is difficult to determine the price of web site in advance and hope that this fee is a "right" solution for you.

We set the prices individually for each client depending on the size and complexity of the project itself. We also offer packages with predefined number of pages, additional services and price.

Copper Web
1.150,00 kn
(approx €150 or $200)
Silver Web
1.700,00 kn
(approx €230 or $300)
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • 3 do 5 pages (microsite)
  • 1 design review
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact form
  • Responsive web site.
  • Micro site pages are sites specialized for narrow field of interest or specific service or product.
Gold Web
2.900,00 kn
(approx €380 or $520)
Platinum Web
4.200,00 kn
(approx €550 or $750)
  • CMS
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • 2 design reviews
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact form
  • Search tools, multiple languages
  • Comments, Surveys
  • Responsive web site
  • You can make the changes on your web site on your own using quick and simple interface wherever you are.