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Google glass Browser: HTML5 and responsive web – surfing with the corner of your eye.

Google Glass includes web browser. It means there is a new emerging factor in responsive web design development. Now you can add Goggle Glass to the list of devices next to desktop computers, tablets, smart phones and smart TVs.

Web in Google Glass

For now the only way to open browser is to use search application and say: “OK Glass”, “Google” and your search word. If the search results do not show some rich snippets (like Wikipedia) you will get first seven Google results and then you will be able to browse pages.

Is Google Search a mobile web browser?

Web pages are displayed the same way as on smart phones. News and videos are nicely displayed on most web pages and there are no difficulties in reading or watching them. Most fonts are automatically adjusted for easier reading without zoom. If your web pages are optimized for smart phones, they will look good on Google Glass.

We still don’t know whether different design for Google Glass is necessary, primarily for better navigation.

HTML5 support

HTML5 video and audio work correctly. They are completely supported by CSS, JavaSrcipt, CSS animations, animated GIF, SVG and WEBP. We must remember that we are still not able to use some parts of web pages so we can search the site or use application forms.

Responsive web design (RWD)

In RWD techonology, Google Glass browser will work as desktop browser (width = 960 px) or as landscape smart phones. If there is a script, it will be redirected to mobile version of web site.

If you want to create different look for Google Glass users, you can use:

@media screen and (width: 427px) {
/* Glass layout */
responsive web sites

Responsive web sites

Responsive web sites

Responsive Web Sites is adaptive to a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

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