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You need a web site that can be correctly displayed on your iPhone?

Your solution is responsive web design (RWD)

Responsive web sites are designed to automatically adjust to the screen width of the device used to access them. The goal of responsive web design is to enable web site to support most of the devices (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, HTC One, HTC Desire, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note and many others) and adjust the display to make the navigation easier.

Apart from smart phones and computer, you can access the internet using e- readers, netbooks, tablets, TVs and game consoles. It is just not possible to create different versions of your web site for all of these devices.

In 2013 more than 70% of the companies will invest in mobile web pages and applications. Basic web pages will still be the most important corporative informative content. However, without optimized web sites for mobile devices most of them will get behind and as a result of that, loose visitors.

Wouldn’t it be much simpler to only have one web site adjustable to all devices? Responsive web design enables exactly that.

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, web is more frequently accessed from mobile devices and web sites which are not adjusted to mobile devices are not user friendly.

If properly done, responsive design will provide better experience for the user, but it can also shorten the uploading time using the content optimization. Morgan Stanley analysts claim that the world is going through the fifth technological revolution in the last fifty years. This is based on the evolution of the internet. According to statistics, usage of mobile devices has been extraordinarily increasing in the last few years and it’s estimated to overtake the desktop internet usage in 2013.

what is a responsive web site

What is a responsive web site?

What is a responsive web site? What are the advantages? Are there any disadvantages? Is it worth to upgrade existing web site into responsive? Here are the answers to these questions.

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