Photoshop beginners online course via Skype

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Photoshop beginners online course via Skype with Dominik Popovic, Adobe Certified Expert

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop including six three-hours sessions, covers all the beginners elements when you work in the most famous and best program for processing digital images.

This course covers the process of image editing starting with the very beginning and moving forward trough the techniques every photographer and designer should know. Explains the basics of digital images such as dimensions and resolution. We put the strongest emphasis on non destructive image editing. We will explain how to use layers to organize changes, and show you techniques like cropping, changing the color and photo retouching. Sessions are followed by practical examples so you can always be one step ahead and don’t need to start everything all over again. In this beginners course you will get to know some of the most used functions, tools and their settings. Get ready to master Photoshop in the fastest way - using loads of keyboard shortcuts and tricks which will help you be efficient and successful in using best know image editor – Photoshop.

The beginners course will cover the following topics:

How to start you work, which tools to use; getting to know program’s interface; what are panels and how to combine them; how to adjust Photoshop to your needs (even the keyboard shortcuts) and master the navigation.

Learn all about layers: layers, layers panel, background layer. Select, create, manage, copy, group, name, delete, arrange, align, rotate and lock layers. What are blending modes and how to create layer styles?

Learn how to save your photos or edited images for print or web. Using the Crop tool – a tool for cropping and straightening photos.

Learn all about selecting. From simple geometrical selection to the complicated ones which require use of advanced tools and functions.

We will teach you how to do the thing you are most interested in – Retouching. Using an example we will show you how to use editing tools such as: sharpen, blur, spot healing brush and clone.

Get to know most of the tools for colour adjustments. How to use masks and how using auto adjustment functions can make your work in Photoshop much easier. And on top of that, we will give you many useful advices to set you off into Photoshop world.

About Photoshop on-line courses

We are located in Zagreb - Croatia, so if you live nearby, you can get instructions in your own home, using your computer settings with which you are familiar, Mac or PC - it does not matter.

If you do not live nearby, contact us via Skype, and get live, individual on-line instructions, one-on-one training using screen sharing and Skype. Simply book an appointment. After you complete the payment we will contact you and arrange a time that suits you, and training will begin at the scheduled time.

  1. There is no fixed number or limited question or answer
  2. Each client is alone with me, no group videochat, so all discussed matter is private and confidential
  3. Any work can be discussed, learned or showed
  4. There will not be only Photoshop, i will teach you to understand to be creative, effective and fast
  5. Any question is allowed and no secret from my side
  6. The Photoshop lessons can be full from my side or from clients side if you need any help with your own project/idea/materials
  7. Lessons are available in 2 ​​languages, English and Croatian


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