InDesign advanced online courses via Skype

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InDesign advanced online courses via Skype with Dominik Popovic, Adobe Certified Expert

InDesign Interactive Documents

While PDFs can be used for printing, they also have interactive features that make them great for forms, brochures, and prototypes. This course provides a tour of digital publishing trends in various projects, such as a slide presentation, a PDF form, and an interactive portfolio. Learn to make hyperlinks to websites, other pages in your document, and email; add buttons that navigate, show, and hide content; create a form with check boxes and text entry fields; and embed audio and video.

InDesign to HTML

Today, nearly all print content is destined for a life beyond ink and paper, whether it's EPUB, the iPad, or the web. Adobe InDesign content can be migrated from your print layout to HTML. In step-by-step tutorials, we walk you through the export process for text, lists, tables, images, frames, and other objects, then exports a full layout that's linked to a customized CSS file and uses web-based fonts.

Multilingual Publishing with InDesign

How to working with multiple languages in Adobe InDesign and what are the differences between the major language groups and considerations for working with Japanese, Middle Eastern, Indic, and other specific character sets.

Course content:

  • Setting preferences for interactive documents
  • Creating and working with interactive PDFs
  • Setting up a file with layers
  • Creating a slideshow with transitions and hyperlinks
  • Building a table of contents
  • Creating PDF forms
  • Adding animation
  • Linking to URLs and mail addresses
  • Creating bookmarks
  • Embedding audio and video
  • Connecting InDesign styles to CSS classes
  • Controlling the order of exported content
  • Exporting just the content you want
  • Adding hyperlinks to images and text
  • Get to know fonts and character sets
  • Changing language direction
  • Working with one or more languages in a single file
  • Best practices for exporting high-quality interactive PDF files

About InDesign on-line courses

We are located in Zagreb - Croatia, so if you live nearby, you can get instructions in your own home, using your computer settings with which you are familiar, Mac or PC - it does not matter.

If you do not live nearby, contact us via Skype, and get live, individual on-line instructions, one-on-one training using screen sharing and Skype. Simply book an appointment. After you complete the payment we will contact you and arrange a time that suits you, and training will begin at the scheduled time.

  1. There is no fixed number or limited question or answer
  2. Each client is alone with me, no group videochat, so all discussed matter is private and confidential
  3. Any work can be discussed, learned or showed
  4. There will not be only InDesign, i will teach you to understand to be creative, effective and fast
  5. Any question is allowed and no secret from my side
  6. The InDesign lessons can be full from my side or from clients side if you need any help with your own project/idea/materials
  7. Lessons are available in 2 ​​languages, English and Croatian


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indesign course - level 1

InDesign course - level 1

InDesign course - level 1

A thorough explanation of the basic features and techniques that make this powerful application fun and easy to use.

indesign course - level 2

InDesign course - level 2

InDesign course - level 2

Learn advanced text formatting using nested styles, cross-references, create a table of contents, and much more.